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Welcome to Technity.


We are a full-service design & engineering agency that are passionate about creating, developing and realizing the full potential of brands and products.

We create the best possible solution for any given situation that help businesses grow and stay relevant to their customers!


Tell us about your idea!

Regardless of what stage your project is in we can help!

We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small.

This is what some of our clients say:


"Working with Technity is really easy, they quickly grasped the scope of the project and was able to assist us with everything from concept ideas, design, 3d-visualization, and prototyping."


Autonomous drone delivery system of defibrillators

"Technity is an important design partner for us, they are agile and always deliver solid designs."

Gunnar Åberg, CTO - Regin

"The concept sketches Technity made helped us win a multi-million SEK contract of delivering new vehicles to the Swedish Police."


Nordic Vehicle/Eurolans

Emergency & rescue vehicles

Want to create something amazing?

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